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Road To Success Program

Our Road To Success Program aims to assist children facing health

challenges, children in foster care, and at risk children in low income

households ages 13-19. Road To Success isn’t your usual career program, it

is a year round program that gives children an opportunity to experience

their top 3 career choices and have a huge possibility of achieving that


Our program consists of creating your own career room, arts and crafts

career projects, career collages, tutoring, career parties, developmental

and life skills, hands on experience, scholarships, scholarship parties,

interview presentation, interview dress code, assessments, possible

shadowing and/or career tours, opportunity to ask questions and get

advice from professionals, and having a strong support system behind you

to help with career opportunities.

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We would like to give a BIG SHOUTOUT to Let's Roam for an opportunity to receive an in-kind donation to go towards funding for our career program. We appreciate you so much

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